Rhapis Palm (250mm Pot Size)
Rhapis Palm (250mm Pot Size)
Rhapis Palm (250mm Pot Size)

Rhapis Palm (250mm Pot Size)

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Rhapis Palm (Lady Palm)

A Hardy plant that will do best indoors in bright, filtered light or outdoors in part shade. While they can tolerate part sun, they can sometimes yellow if the sun is too strong for the plant. It can tolerate low-light conditions, it has large, hand-shape leaves with long, glossy, dark green, finger-like leaflets. The foliage forms a dense canopy above clumps of sturdy stems that are covered with dark brown fibers that have a woven appearance. 

Pet friendly! Non- toxic to animals. 

Approximately 70cm in height 

Seasonal, limited stock.

Please note that each plant has it's own individual leaf pattern and size of leaves. 


Requires good indirect bright light, but can adapt to lower light or part shade.

Weekly watering. Water once top soil has dried. (Adjust seasonally)

Fertilise monthly during warmer seasons. 

This plant is sold in the plastic growers pot. It has been styled in one photo with the Medium “Egg” pot, but is sold separately.