*Rare, Pothos Manjula (100mm Pot Size)
*Rare, Pothos Manjula (100mm Pot Size)

*Rare, Pothos Manjula (100mm Pot Size)

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Pothos manjula 

A rare variety of pothos, the manjula is highly sought upon due to the unique variegation of it’s foliage.  Ideal for beginner plant enthusiasts, or for someone who needs a plant that will forgive you for forgetting about it. (It will spring back to life if you forget to water it after it’s weekly watering time. Don’t forget it for weeks, however, as that is too long!) Pothos love indirect light- they do well in a room with bright light and they can also adapt to a darker room. 

Please note that each plant has it's own individual leaf pattern and size of leaves. 


Requires indirect bright light and also adapts to low light.

Weekly watering is recommended, once soil is dry a good inch deep into pot.