Nephrolepis Biserrata, Macho fern (270mm pot size)

Nephrolepis Biserrata, Macho fern (270mm pot size)

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Nephrolepis Biserrata, Macho Fern 

This captivating fern is easily identifiable from it’s large and impactful foliage. It’s also easier than most ferns to look after. It prefers bright indirect light (avoid direct sun) and consistent watering at least once a week or once the top soil has dried. (Consistency is key, this plant won’t like being dry for long periods.) During spring and summer, try to keep soil moist at all times. (Not soaked) A well draining soil and pot is necessary for this plant as well as aeration. 

Approximately 85-90cm.  (Widest points with foliage) 

Pet friendly ! 

This fern loves humidity, but can grow in most conditions.  

Seasonal, limited stock.

Please note that each plant has it's own individual leaf pattern and size of leaves. 


Requires good indirect bright light.

Weekly watering, keep soil moist in warmer months.

Liquid fertilise in warmer months every 2-3 weeks.