Indoor 15L Soil Mix
Indoor 15L Soil Mix

Indoor 15L Soil Mix

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This 15L bag has enough mix to pot up approximately 9 x 150ml pots. 

This indoor Potting Mix is a balanced blend of ingredients to encourage better root growth and water retention while still providing optimal drainage. The plant runner team have also added a slow release fertiliser to get your plants off to a good start. 

Bag Volume: 15L

The Ingredients.

 pH: 5.5-7.0

Components: Composted Bark, Scoria, Perlite, Coco Coir, Slow release fertiliser


What's in the Potting Mix

The plant runner potting mix is made up of three different sizes of composted bark, scoria and perlite (for drainage) and cocopeat (for water retention). The team have added neem granules as it helps condition the soil. Also included is  a small amount of slow release fertiliser to help your plants establish themselves early on. The plant runner team deliberately steer clear of peat moss as it's harder to find sustainable sources of peat.


What's the pH of the potting mix?


I've got the mix, now how do I pot up?

This potting mix has a potting up guide on the back so you won’t be flying blind.

I live in a "quarantine" State. Can you ship the Potting Mix to me? 

Unfortunately we can’t ship potting mixes to Western Australia, Tasmania or the Northern Territory.