Fern Mini Kokedama
Fern Mini Kokedama
Fern Mini Kokedama

Fern Mini Kokedama

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Fern mini Kokedama

Kokedama’s are a unique way to showcase a plant without the need for a pot. The soil is wrapped in sphagnum moss and strong twine to keep it together. It’s perfect for adding a bit of texture to your environment. 

This hardy fern is a joy to care for. It will do well in most indoor or outdoor shaded environments. 

Approximately 20cm high (top to bottom), The dish is 9.5cm wide. 

Please note that each plant has it's own individual leaf pattern and size of leaves. 

Please allow 2-4 business days as each kokedama are made to order.


Requires indirect, filtered light.

Water roughly every 5-7 days, adjust according to season. Feel the moss ball, if it is dry, the plant will be due for water. If it is holding moisture, leave it longer.
Submerge moss ball into a bucket of water to water the soil.
Hold in water for roughly 3 minutes so the plant can absorb.
Squeeze excess water from moss ball, then place back onto saucer.