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Cleistocactus strausii planted in White Basil pot (210mm)

Cleistocactus strausii planted in White Basil pot (210mm)

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Cleistocactus strausii

The silver torch or wooly torch, is a perennial flowering plant in the family Cactaceae. Known for it’s wooly appearance and grey/green columns. Native to the mountainous regions of Bolivia, this cacti can grow up to 3M tall. 

cacti will thrive if given plenty of light and free draining soil. In a pot water sparingly and allow to completely dry out in between. Always best to underwater this cactus rather than overwater as it is very drought tolerant. 

The ideal plant for a beginner plant enthusiast. Also ideal for someone who likes low maintenance plants.(This plant loves you for neglecting it, less water is best.)

Approximately 70cm tall. 

Seasonal, limited stock.

Please note that each plant has it's own individual leaf pattern and size of leaves.


This cacti will do best in full sun, it can be kept indoors but place it where it can get sunlight or strong filtered light. Be mindful that if it does not receive adequate light, it will grow stunted and will not “fill” out once it has grown. 

Water approximately every 2-3 weeks when in sunlight or every 4-6 weeks indoors.

Adjust watering schedule depending on seasonal factors. We recommend avoid watering during high humidity periods or heavy periods of rain (this applies to indoors and outdoors). This plant typically grows in dry environments.

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