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Bat Plant (250mm Pot size)
Bat Plant (250mm Pot size)

Bat Plant (250mm Pot size)

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Bat Plant,  Tacca chantrieri (RARE)

We recommend this plant to someone who is more experienced with plants and has a bit of know how. 

The bat plant is similar in appearance to a peace lily- they both share a common feature of a seasonal flower. The Bat plant features a seasonal black flower. It requires filtered light or shade- and it can adapt to lower light. This plant prefers a warm climate. Only plant in the garden in a shaded spot If you live in tropics or subtropics. Well drained soil is recommended as this plant does not like to be over watered (especially when it is dormant in cooler months). In the warmer months this plant is in growing season and prefers more water. If the leaves start to wilt from lack of water, it will spring back up with more water. Fertilise regularly only growing season. 

This plant should only be potted up if you have 2-3months of warmer weather ahead. 

Approximately 700-900mm high

Please note that each plant has it's own individual leaf pattern and size of leaves. 


Requires indirect bright light and also adapts to low light. Do not grow in direct sun.

Weekly water in warmer months (sometimes more as it is growing season) 

Pull back on watering in cooler months to prevent over watering this plant. (When soil is dry)