Peace Lily Sensation (250mm Pot)
Peace Lily Sensation (250mm Pot)

Peace Lily Sensation (250mm Pot)

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Peace Lily Sensation 

The blue moon features large green foliage. It grows vertically and bushy. It an ideal plant for a beginner or for someone who likes easy. When in season, it grows a magnificent white flower. The peace lily likes bright filtered light, but will adapt to a darker room too. It requires water once a week (it will tell you if it’s thirsty as it’s foliage will start to sag downwards. It will forgive you and perk back up after a water- just don’t let the leaves brown, that’s too long, ok? Ok. )

Approximately 1.2M high
Feature a big white flower when in season. 

Please note that each plant has it's own individual leaf pattern and size of leaves. 


Requires indirect light and also adapts to low light. Water once a week.