Custom Lamp (One off in style)
Custom Lamp (One off in style)

Custom Lamp (One off in style)

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Custom made lamp 

This lamp is handmade and unique. It features cacti & succulents for low maintenance. The cacti require watering every month and the succulent require water every 2 weeks. Place this lamp in an environment with good light for optimal light for the plants. 

Glass vessel with good accents. White, drum shade.

Height - 520mm 
Width- 320mm

Each Vessel is unique and limited in our online store. Once a certain style has been sold, it will not be available to buy again as we do not/ can not replicate each style due to the varying supplies and plants in each vessel.


Requires good indirect bright light. 

Water every 4 weeks for cacti. (Very minimal amount of water)
Water every 2 weeks for succulent. (Very minimal amount of water)