Pothos hanging kokedama
Pothos hanging kokedama

Pothos hanging kokedama

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Pothos, Devil's Ivy kokedama

Kokedama’s are a unique way to showcase a plant without the need for a pot. The soil is wrapped in sphagnum moss and strong twine to keep it together. It’s perfect for adding a bit of texture to your environment. 

Pothos will do well in a room with filtered bright- low light. Water once a week. 

Seasonal, limited stock.

Please note that each plant has it's own individual leaf pattern and size of leaves. 

Please allow 2-4 business days as each kokedama are made to order.


Requires indirect light, happy in a bright room or a room with low light.

Weekly watering.

Submerge mossball into bucket of water and hold for a few minutes to water the soil. Squeeze the excess water from ball and place back on it’s saucer.